Industrial Frigo Licenses:

  • License for “SIRE” system: Integrated Saving Refrigerating System for industrial systems. It is a system used for cooling industrial machines and installations, especially for cooling hydraulic stations, plastic and rubber processing machines, metal pressure die casting machines, ceramic presses and in general all fluids from the industrial process.
  • License for the “PBS” system (Pressurizing Balanced System): Thermal regulation and pressurized water system for industrial installations. It is a saving thermal regulating system, it is able to satisfy the specific requests from the high temperature saving thermal regulating sector. It’s used in various industrial sectors: for conditioning moulds, for metal pressure, for die casting machines.
  • Licensed “DP” system (Double Pump): Thermal regulating system with simultaneous pressurized and depressurized water for industrial systems. An installation used in various industrial sector among which, particularly for conditioning molds for plastic molding machines.
  • Licensed “high temperature pump” system
  • Licensed “coaxial evaporator” system
  • Licensed “TC” system