SIREG is a sophisticated, completely automatic, process water cooling system.

  • process water without glycol mixture
  • complete of winter safetysystem
  • for ambient temperature from +45ºC to -35ºC
  • available in 7 different models.

SIREG is constructed in the condensed water version, with a Free Cooling system inside, permitting the production of cold water in medium/cold periods at decidedly low costs. In this way up to 80% energy saving is obtained, always guaranteeing a cooling yield with a very COP of 5.6. The application of this system in ideal conditions during free cooling operation in winter, can reach the attainment of a maximum COP value of 30.

This means that the system can generate up to 30 cooling KW for every electrical input KW. System conversion from the cooling to the free-cooling setting is completely automatic via microprocessor logic that controls the entire system.

Other and important advantages obtainable with our “Patented“ SIRE systems are:

  • Zero water consumption
  • Temperature precision of the cooled fluid
  • Reduced noise level as fan speed electronic control is standard
  • Small dimensions as all components are housed in a unique mono-block structure, with consequently simplifi ed installation
  • External installation thanks to a galvanised sheet-steel frame and electrical board with IP 55 insulation, thus avoiding expensive and unsightly coverings for cooler protection
  • Without glycol.

There is also the possibility of recovering the hot water generated from cooling gas condensation for heating offices/production areas via the integrated HES (heating energy saving) system; this system permits the recovery of at least 70% of the thermal energy generated by the cooler.


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