28 ottobre 2009

Innovation in Industrial Cooling

Articolo pubblicato in Tecnoplast, Martie 2009

What are the most recent technological innovations launched by Industrial Frigo in the field of industrial cooling?“Since we began working in the business (exactly 39 years ago), we have continued to
introduce a number of innovations. Industrial Frigo has always been a pioneer in innovation and the research for new applications.

Our large size cooling systems are an example. They include a number of units with independent circuits, from the ADS/ADR models, manufactured for over 30 years, or the BRG air blast coolers with gravitational dumping in closed circuit without evaporation.

We launched the latter as far back as the 1990s, before anyone thought of using this equipment to such a broad extent for optimal cooling combined with low energy consumption. Another example of innovation and research is the use of alternative ecological gas since the mid 1990s, before European and world regulations mandated the manufacturing and sale of equipment using this sort of gas. We believed in it from the beginning and this has meant we have been able to remain a step ahead of the market, so when this gas became mandatory, our chiller units had already been developed years
prior and tried and tested in‘real’ production environments by many users.

This type of experience has helped us further develop many machine series with numerous variants, but with the consistency of always being designed with particular technical accuracy.” …and what about temperature control? “Industrial Frigo has always sought to optimize its work for this type of application also. Not by chance, since the end of the 1990s, we have been making water temperature controllers (CTWP), used for specific purposes, for operating temperatures of up to 180°C! We are still one of the very few in the world with the proper know-how to be able to obtain excellent results and – perhaps more importantly – almost zero maintenance. In fact, water temperature controllers, as opposed to ‘alternative’ ones that use oil as working fluid may be more sensitive and need more maintenance over time. Ongoing R&D has helped us reduced maintenance almost to nil. This has, therefore, meant we can say that we truly have a high-tech and reliable product.”

In which sectors have interesting new applications been made? “Industrial Frigo’s presence spreads beyond cooling equipment for the plastics and rubber industry to other sectors (industrial and foods) which are sources of great satisfaction for us and have guaranteed the company’s growth and increasing presence on the market.” On which foreign market have you seen the most significant results?“In all honesty and especially over the past five years, we can say that we have been working all-round, participating in numerous fairs around the globe and establishing distribution and sales agreements with more than 45 foreign agents. The result has been an extraordinary development and promotion of our brand; today, we are universally recognised and our market presence is not limited to advertising, but is a………